First post

So, I’m very excited to be writing my first blog for our website and Facebook page. We’ve been at Hoveton Hall for 3 months now, (boy that has flown by!) and in that time there’s been plumbing, electrics, a logistical overhaul! A new kitchen has gone in, and now we’re almost ready!
I’ve just purchased a very shiny copper pizza oven, and we’re in the process of creating our slow cooking hot smoker.

I’m so pleased to be part of what I can honestly say are a fantastic team;

Alongside myself and my longtime trusted events manager Katherine moore, as well as several of our regular waiting team the brilliant in many ways Libby Peryer has come on board as our cafe manager.

Libby formerly of Libby Ferris Florist in Norwich has a truly creative eye and has already added magic to our beautiful courtyard. Libby just knows how to take care of people, I’m genuinely stoked that she’s with us. If we were going to have a great cafe before, with Mrs Peryer on board we are going to have a truly amazing one now…

Gareth Harris will (he promises) be blogging about the goings on within the walled garden.again Gareth is someone whom I feel extremely lucky to be able to say has joined our team as not just an excellent keen gardener, who (with some help from me, and sunshine!) will hopefully be providing delicious salad, fruit and vegetables, as well as being one of the chefs who’ll be turning said items into vibrant dishes. Gareth shares his foodie ethos with mine, great ingredients, great cooking.

We will be open for the easter weekend, and then from May 1st 10am-4pm.