Lunch menu

This is just an sample of the delicious dishes we serve.

Please note that our menu changes daily to reflect the seasons and to ensure that our ingredients are both fresh and local.


Toasted bagel with smoked salmon & cream cheese £8
Sri Lankan sweet potato & squash curry with puri bread £10.50
Crispy duck, fried egg & chips, plum ketchup £11
 5 hour beef brisket, mustard, cheddar and pickled cucumber bun £11
 Smoked pork belly, chorizo, chickpeas and tomatoes £12
 Potato, parsley and olive cakes, smoked anchovies and fried eggs £12
 Beef kofta, harissa, tzatziki, fregola ‘tabbouleh’ and flatbread £12
 Fish finger sandwich, caper mayo and gem £9
 Ham & piccalilli on ciabatta £8
 GK flamer, fries & ‘slaw £13